Hi there! I'm Jacquelyn.

Web Project Manager, Front-end Developer, and Writer

I specialize in managing web-based projects and providing top-notch technical customer onboarding services. Armed with over 20 years of experience in front-end web development, I’m proficient with platforms like Drupal and WordPress. Beyond that, I’m skilled in management software such as Jira and Confluence, with which I have generated dashboards to track team metrics and created internal documentation to streamline processes. In additional, I’ve always enjoyed ensuring both my team and my clients are up-to-speed with tools, platforms, etc. It’s a bit of teaching and tech wizardry combined!

When I’m not leading projects from kickoff to launch, or training customers on technical platforms, or turning websites into thriving business assets, I’m enjoying life’s journey with my husband and our three boys here in the breathtaking Southwest USA.

As of July 2023, I’m open to new work opportunities and ready to tackle new challenges. Want more details? Check out my resume and let’s connect on LinkedIn!

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The Importance of Version Control and Git in Web Development

Dive into the world of version control and discover the wonders of GIT, a tool not just for teams but for solo devs too. Ever found yourself yearning for an “undo” button during intense coding sessions? That’s GIT’s magic for you. By mastering its features, whether you’re collaborating or coding solo, you pave the way for smoother projects and a robust development foundation. Keep learning and let your code shine! 🌟

For a deeper understanding, check out our comprehensive guide, packed with essential GIT commands and valuable resources to amplify your coding journey.

Web Development Essentials series

Waymarks Learning

An Esty shop: Printables for Every Learning and Life Need

Rooted in a love for creating my own templates, formatted documents, and worksheets, our offerings are a testament to a personal journey of enhancing productivity. 

Current listings include a variety of elementary school learning aids (worksheets, flashcards, and activities) and resources for adult learners to assist in daily life tasks (workbooks, goal-setting).

Inspired by designs for personal and family use, each resource reflects careful attention to detail and an understanding of what busy adults need.

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A Heavenly Home

A lifestyle blog focused on transforming any home into a little heaven on earth.

Writing is one of my personal passions, and I’ve been blogging in one form or another since 2003. This little blog is one of my more recent renditions, though I have taken a year long sabbatical from blogging to be present with my family.

Jacquelyn Van Sant rests an arm on a railing as she gazes out over the majestic Grand Canyon. Photo: Bradley Van Sant, 2014.